Clear Designer Dog Collars

A dog’s gorgeous features should be the center of attention, not its collar. We have designed this sheer and glossy collar with your dog's good looks in mind – so your puppy can steal the show anywhere they go! Our modern dog collars come with a range of lustrous metal accents to match your pup's personality. You can even get a matching leash so your pup will be the most polished pooch at the park.

Transparent Luxury Accessories

A dog's collar is the only accessory they wear all day. Every pet owner knows that they need to be ultra-comfortable, sufficiently robust to endure playtime activities, and securely fastened. Dog collars also help protect your pet because they safeguard their tags, identification, and owner's contact details if they decide to take themselves on unsupervised walks.

It is necessary to select a design that fits firmly and snuggly around your pooches neck. A luxury plastic dog collar is made from a resilient, flexible, and washable material. It will move with your dog as they play, roll, and run to ensure absolute coziness as your dog struts around the park in style. They are fitted with metal buckles for easy connection and removal. A metal clasp comes included so that you can adjust the size of the collar to your pup’s neck.

The thick clear band is ideal for both big and small dogs and long and short-hair breeds. Likewise, the matching leash is mighty enough to support strong-willed dogs who would rather take you for a walk than be walked themselves.

Our designers have selected a durable, transparent plastic material that will not turn foggy or yellow with wear. This enhances dogs’ hygiene as the material doesn’t trap dirt and grime.  Plus, it is easy to remove and wash. Polished metal accents come in a variety of color options that you can choose from, and they will stay shiny throughout all seasons, so your canine pal will stay suave the whole year-round.

Show your pup how beautiful they truly are with a gorgeous transparent dog collar and leash to enhance their smile and their walks.