Custom 15" Tall Feeder with 2 Quart Gold Bowls

Custom 15" Tall Feeder with 2 Quart Gold Bowls

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A custom tall feeder with a set of gold 2 quart bowls.

Custom Dimensions: 15" tall

Lead time: 1-3 weeks

Our Custom 15" Tall Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder is a chic choice for large dog dining. The 1/2" thick acrylic provides the strength, while the 12" height ensures an ergonomically correct eating position for your large pet. The custom feeder will include a supporting bar for stability.

This tall lucite dog bowl feeder includes 2 quart gold bowls. Clearly, this is the best looking, lucite tall pet feeder on the market.

Acrylic feeder handmade in the USA

Set includes tall acrylic stand and 2 lead free gold bowls
Bowl capacity: 2 quart each/8 cups
1/2" thick sturdy acrylic
Bowls are dishwasher safe, acrylic stand hand wash only

Stand dimensions:  23"w x 9"d x 15"h

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