11 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog at Home

any dog loves to spend time and play games with their humans

We love our dogs dearly, and we always want to keep them the happiest that can be. Keeping your dog entertained and active during the hotter months of the year is not an issue, but how can you keep your canine companions busy and prevent anxiety during the coldest months? 

You may plan a dog walk for a rainy day if you can bear the rain and your dog doesn't mind getting wet. If you live where on-demand walking is possible, it could take less than an hour for your dog to start singing in the rain.

Here are some of the fun dog activities you can do to keep them mentally stimulated while having fun!

Playing Hide and Seek!

If you have at least two people, indoor hide and seek is one of the best games to play with your dog. Your dog notices that the first person has a reward in their hand. The other person remains with your dog while they pick a hiding area, which may first be rather obvious. Your dog should respond when the first person shouts their name, and come running. Celebrate their victory by giving them the treat.

With this method, you may try to make it more difficult as they gain experience and even involve the entire family!

Just be mindful of any behaviors you don't want to promote, such as leaping on people and clawing at doors. Additionally, you should be aware of your dog's capabilities. If you make it too complicated, your dog can become dissatisfied.

To make sure it's an enjoyable exercise to do with your dog, keep it easy and entertaining.

Prepare an Obstacle Course

Inside your house, you can construct your own dog-friendly obstacle course. Have your dog weave between their toys, leap over some towels, or crawl through the legs on a chair. Create some imaginary barriers for your dog to navigate using anything you can find – sofas, empty boxes, or even pillows. You can work with your dog on specific aspects of the obstacle course, or you can run through the whole course with them. Adding new tricks to previous ones can keep your dog's mind active and promote attention.

dogs love playing with their favorite humans

Bring Home New Toys

According to multiple studies, dogs become tired of old toys. To get your dog excited, you may need to get them a brand-new toy or switch up their current toys. Give your dog a few toys sometimes, rather than all of the toys all the time. After some time, they'll regain some of that initial enthusiasm if you cycle one of their old toys into the mix again.

By playing fetch or tug-of-war with them, you may make their toys extra interesting. Once you get engaged and begin to play with the toy as well, it acquires a completely new angle to the toy. You may also create DIY toys using common household objects like old towels, pieces of denim, or T-shirts.

Having a clear acrylic dog playpen can allow your dog to have their own space for playtime and you can always keep the playpen full of different toys for your best friend to play with on their own.

Play Fetch

For this activity, all you need is a ball to throw around the house! Choose a softer ball to ensure that items in your home do not get damaged, and make sure to relocate any breakable items to outside the room just in case.

Most people have enough space inside for a basic game of fetch; however, if you share a fifth-floor apartment with a St. Bernard, you should definitely pass on this activity. Hallways, stairs, and spacious living rooms are great locations for indoor games of fetch.

Playing fetch in the kitchen is usually not a smart idea, and it's important to be cautious with throwing toys around items that are delicate or can be knocked over. You might change the game into a straightforward game of catch if you don't like the notion of playing fetch indoors.

You can also train your dog to put their toys back in their dog toy bins!

tug of war is one of the most common dog activities for some quality time

Play Tug of War

Playing a game of tug of war with our dogs is one of the best methods to enjoy a fun play session. It's a great way to exercise your dog physically and mentally. It doesn't require much space, allowing you to play it indoors.

Despite the common misconception, engaging in a game of tug-of-war won't make your dog vicious, and winning won't make them more dominant. Allowing your dog to win merely makes them appreciate the game more and encourages them to play for longer. It has been demonstrated that dogs that play tug-of-war with their owners are more attentive and self-assured.

As long as you teach your dog certain ground rules, such as "the game ends if your teeth contact my palm," tug of war is a terrific way to exercise your dog. You can use a tug toy or an old towel for this game.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Does your dog have the agility to scurry between your legs and jump through hoops? It's never too late to teach your dog new tricks, and we assure you that training your dog to spin  or scurry between your legs is easier than it seems.

Has your dog already picked up a lot of tricks? One of the best parts about training your dog is the opportunity to improvise and increase the level of difficulty. Once your dog has learned a few tricks, you may step it up a notch and combine those tricks together to create entirely new tricks or patterns.

Play the Shell Game

A basic game for dogs to solve problems is called the shell game. Allow your dog to observe as you bury a treat under one of the three cups. After that, you move the cups around and then challenge your dog to find the treat. Your dog will benefit from the cerebral exercise and problem-solving practice provided by this game.

most dogs will follow you around the house to get your attention

Play the "Find the Treat" Game

One of the simplest methods to exhaust your dog is to play nose work activities. By teaching your dog simple nose work activities like "find the goodies," you're intellectually taxing them and assisting them in honing some of their innate abilities. You don't even need a huge bag of dog goodies from the shop; you can simply use chopped-up carrots or blueberries.

All you need to do to play is gather some goodies and scatter the treats throughout the room. When you start hiding the goodies, keep them in another room and start placing them in places they must sniff out, such as beneath a rug. You can then introduce your dog to the room or give your dog the command to "find the treats" to encourage them to go looking for them. Be sure to cheer them on by giving them praise each time they find another treat. 

Puzzle Toys

Dogs have a remarkable capacity for learning and can be quite bright.

Play puzzle games with your dog to keep their minds active and keep them entertained. Treats can be buried beneath cups, moved, and then your dog challenged to find the treat. Or, to keep them occupied for a short while, buy them a puzzle treat dispenser.

Sniff Search for Treats

Everyone knows that dogs love goodies. Give them something enjoyable to do and something delicious to eat when it's all over.

Smelling and searching may be done in a variety of ways. One option is to get a few tennis balls and a clean muffin tray. Place a treat underneath every of the tennis balls in each muffin holder.

Once you've given your dog the go-ahead, let them hunt for the prize and take pleasure in the treat when they find it. Feel free to intervene and help your dog regain their balance if they are having trouble.

training your puppy to follow commands is very important

Work on Impulse Control

Similar to toddlers, dogs need to be trained that they can't always get their own way. Self-control keeps your dogs safe and out of danger, from training a puppy not to bite to training an adult dog to wait on command.

Refresh your memory of the fundamental impulse control verbs, including leave it, wait, remain, settle, and down. These instructions are crucial in case your dog ever escapes or decides to pursue a squirrel. You can utilize a pet dog gate to start training by commanding your dog not to leave its area without permission and then continue to more complex commands.

Final Thoughts

It doesn't have to be boring indoors! Do some enjoyable activities with your dog or instruct them with some new dog tricks. Dogs like engaging in interactive play, which has a significant positive effect on their general health and wellbeing. You don't need a ton of expensive toys or exposure to the outdoors to keep your dog amused and content; all you need is a little bit of time, effort, and commitment.

Even while we may not be able to offer them full-time work or play, we can still give them something worthwhile by teaching them a few easy indoor games and tricks. You'll understand why dogs are considered to be man's best friend when you see your dog's joyful expression during a quick game of tug-of-war.