Clear Dog Crate

Plastic dog crates are a safe place for your pet to stay when nobody is around to supervise them. Our vari-kennel has plenty of space for your small pup to lie down and move around in, creating their own little sanctuary.  Featuring a transparent and collapsible design this modern dog crate is simple to store, and it can even double as a chic side table! 

A Luxury Indoor Haven for Small Dogs

All pets need a space in the home reserved just for them. With a modern dog crate, your beloved four-legged friend can access the security and privacy of her little den any time she feels stressed, tired, or unwell. The clear, lucite material allows her to see her family easily, so she doesn’t feel isolated when she wants to take some space. 

Whether you need a helping hand to house train your dog, confine her when she may be excitable, or transport her safely in the car, you know that she’ll feel reassured with her crate to retreat to. Your puppy can stay secure in her luxury clear dog crate without getting into mischief or developing bad habits while you’re busy around the house.

Designed to cater to the needs of small pups and dog owners alike, our modern dog crate features breathable vents in each wall, encouraging airflow and comfort. These beauties are made from a resilient material that is easy to keep clean with warm soapy water, providing your dog with tranquillity and relaxation year after year. 

The four walls are connected by plastic hinges that can be arranged on top of the base and covered by the lid to form the crate in the simplest way possible. The walls can be zig-zagged in any space to create an indoor boundary for your pup. When it comes time to put it away, simply collapse the walls, and encase them horizontally between the base and lid to create a small storage box. Or maybe you can’t bear to put it away! Our custom dog crates look so elegant they can double as a trendy coffee table or a space to display your ornaments when your pup isn’t chilling in her favorite space. 

Give your dog security and style anywhere she goes with a gorgeous clear dog crate she’ll absolutely love!