Clear Dog Gates

Custom dog gates offer your pet a flexible space to call their own. Whether you’re protecting your dog from attempting the stairs and hurting themselves or creating an open space for them to play with their toys without getting underfoot, plastic dog gates are a multifunctional, clean and classy solution. 

Indoor and Outdoor Pet Gates

Unlike clunky metal and wooden pet barriers, these clear dog gates allow sunshine to flow to your pet and promote visual connection so that your dog doesn’t feel isolated when they are securely confined to their own space. Plastic pet gates are easy to wash with fresh water and soap, so you can use this modern fencing indoors and outdoors in rain, hail, or shine for years to come. 

We have a variety of sizes and styles to suit any pet owner’s needs. Whether you need a simple wall panel to keep your pet secure from part of the house or a zig-zag gate made from a chain of hinged panels to create a barricade absolutely anywhere, you’ll find everything you could hope for within our collection. Select from wall-mounted styles, or get a wall mounting kit separately to build an enclosure for your dog that is customized to your home! With various heights to choose from, we have modern dog gate options to suit both large and small dogs. 

Clear dog gates come with a variety of practical applications. They can block indoor and outdoor access, preventing your dog from escaping or hurting themselves in unfamiliar spaces. If your pet has a habit of jumping or barking, they will help make your house guests feel at ease. A modern dog gate can protect any new or valuable furniture from unsupervised “renovation” if your pet thinks of themselves as an aspiring interior designer. It can also help keep young, spritely pups separated from older animals or young children to ensure the safety of everyone in the family. 

Finding long-life barricades that will protect a furry friend (or the furniture) without encroaching on the style and aesthetic of your home is a common struggle among pet owners. A clear dog gate is multi-purpose, easy to store, and stylishly transparent–you will barely know it is there! Find peace of mind and a new space in your home just for your dog, with our custom lucite dog gates.