Clear Acrylic Dog Playpen

It is tough to keep up with your pup when you are around the house - especially if they have a playful nature! With an indoor dog pen, you no longer need to closely watch your growing puppy to keep them safe or out of mischief.

Unlike any other on the market, our clear dog playpen is easy to set up and virtually invisible. Now you can have a designer space to keep your pup cozy and safe, and to keep your abode looking classy!

Indoor Dog Pen For Stylish Homes

A dog pen is a safe place for your pup when you are busy at home. It gives them enough room to explore and play with their toys while leaving plenty of space for food bowls so they won't be hungry or thirsty. Plus, the lucent acrylic will look chic in your home, no matter what direction you have taken for your interior design!

This sleek, clear acrylic dog pen allows plenty of sunlight to enter, so your pup will have a bright and warm place to play and nap when you’re busy. Acrylic is a durable and strong material, so your pup will stay secure indoors and outside while you tend the garden or host an outdoor dinner party. These unique dog pens are ideal for balconies and verandas so the puppy can enjoy a fresh breeze.

The plastic dog playpen is square and features four long walls hinged in the center, making it oh-so-easy to assemble, transport, and store. For small breeds, the 24” high lucite walls are a perfect choice. There is no door for this pen, but it is easily accessible for you to step over. Alternatively, if you have a large breed (or an escape artist) you can select the 32” high indoor dog pen with an integrated hinged door on one panel. Both designs come with additional extension options for you to enlarge or change the design of the shape of the pen as you please!

It has never been easier to keep your pooch secure and entertained while you work around the house. Especially now there’s an elegant and versatile playpen on the market to move around the home in a way that suits you! Satisfy your dog’s play needs and manage their mischief with this clear dog playpen.