7 Things to Do Immediately If Your Puppy Escapes Pen Areas

7 Things to Do Immediately If Your Puppy Escapes Pen Areas

A playpen can be a great area for a pup or dog. Whether your puppy is having some fun, relaxing on a bed, eating or drinking, or learning to potty train, your dog can significantly benefit from a playpen. But what happens if your puppy begins to roam? Or worse yet, is able to completely escape the fence?

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If you're worried about your dog escaping the playpen, we believe our contemporary pens are perfect. Of course, escape does still happen, even with the best kennel, play pen, or fence possible.

Escape Prevention: How to Keep Your Little Escape Artist from Getting Out

A puppy escaping playpen areas can be traumatic for the dog and its owner. In worst-case scenarios, dogs may end up in extremely dangerous and unfamiliar areas, getting injured by cars, people, objects, or other animals.

Before your puppy escapes their playpen and turns into a little master of the art, take preventative measures. Whether you have a fence, a paneled playpen, a room, or any other confined space, be sure it's secure before your dog starts jumping, running, or climbing out.

If your puppy is jumping or climbing over walls or fencing, here are 7 things experts recommend you do immediately.

1. Understand Why Your Puppy Escapes Playpen Enclosures

If you search Google for ‘how to stop a puppy from climbing out of its pen’, you'll get many answers. But first, you have to understand why a dog or puppy tries to get out of a fence or playpen. As trainers will tell you, many puppies may be scared, alone, or nervous, so trying to get out is a means of protection.

Other puppies are simply bundles of energy and want to run free - especially if they see a squirrel!

Sometimes, puppies are just bored and want to find a new area to explore. All of these can be addressed individually to deter your puppy from escaping a playpen.

2. Ensure The Playpen Is Safe, Secure, Fun, and Accommodating

Before you rig your fence, wall, or playpen, understand puppy motivations. Slowly acclimate your dog to new areas to make them comfortable. Provide plenty of fun and necessities, such as toys and water, in any playpen, and ensure your fence doesn't have any holes. Also, ensure your fence is sturdy and high enough!

Dog Run Fun

Unfortunately, a smart puppy escapes pen areas for many reasons. If your puppy jumps, climbs, digs, or sneaks out of the playpen, there are several ways to fortify the playpen.

3. Put Some PVC Pipe Along the Top of the Fence

Putting a PVC pipe along the top of any playpen can substantially increase the difficulty of getting out. Your puppy will struggle to find a grip and won't be able to climb or jump nearly as easily. Depending on dog breeds, PVC pipe might be all you need.

4. Use Plastic Sheets Inside the Fence

Some breeds can become neurotic and anxious and may try to crawl through the gaps in the fence. Even if they can't pull themselves through, they might get their paws caught in the process. By putting plastic on the inside, you can cover up these potentially harmful gaps and prevent pups from getting out.

The last thing you want is for your dog to bloody its paws or jab its mouth trying to chew through fencing!

5. Immobilize the Playpen

A lightweight playpen can be moved quite easily, especially by a rambunctious and powerful puppy. If your dog can push or pull the playpen around, consider safely weighing down the playpen with heavy furniture or dumbbells. If you have a weak fence, some repairs may be in order!

If indoors, you can also use multiple acrylic pet gates. With some of the best pet gates, you can adapt to your puppy, night and day, and see your friend clearly at all times.

6. Reinforce Your Playpen with Cable Ties or Mesh

Put another playpen on top of the current one and tie it securely with cable ties. Just make sure the ties are strong enough to handle this increase in height and weight. If you want, you can alternatively use metal mesh to cover the top of the playpen. You can then use your ties to secure the mesh sides to the fence to form a 'lid.'

This will make it much harder for your dog to jump.

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7. Finally, Use Good Teaching!

If your puppy escapes pen areas frequently still, you might need to provide some good teaching. Act gently as you introduce your puppy to the playpen with treats and toys. Let your puppy get familiar, and then leave briefly before returning. Every day, leave for longer periods, so the pup adapts. If the playpen is sufficiently accommodating, your puppy will learn to stay.

As always, consult experts if you are worried about your puppy escaping.

As for the playpens themselves, we at Shop Hiddin can help. We think you and your puppy will love our clear, adaptable, and contemporary playpens. Open the door (and close the playpen) to new doggie possibilities.

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