The Wildest Feature: Is This the Philippe Starck Ghost Chair of the Pet World?

The Wildest Feature: Is This the Philippe Starck Ghost Chair of the Pet World?

The Wildest, the destination for modern pet parents to navigate the wild world of pet parenting, featured the clear Hiddin pet product line. Comparing the designs to the iconic Louis Ghost chair, Hiddin products are also lightweight, versatile and — most importantly — invisible.

Is This the Philippe Starck Ghost Chair of the Pet World?

Philippe Starck Ghost Chair

"Two decades ago, Philippe Starck and Kartell collaborated on the Louis Ghost, a tongue-in-cheek transparent reinterpretation of the classic Louis XV armchair, and it quickly became an icon in its own right (even her majesty approves). Lightweight, minimalist, and dazzlingly simple, it’s no surprise that the spectral piece has inspired countless other lucite home decor options, especially those that you’d prefer to remain inconspicuous — like pet furniture.

That’s exactly what interior designer Tracey Butler had in mind when she launched Hiddin, a line of crystalline, impact-resistant, easy-to-clean essentials for dogs and cats."

The Wildest's Sean Zucker highlights our founder Tracey Butler's experience:

"After fashion world stints at Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel, Butler apprenticed with award-winning interior designers Jeffrey Bilhuber (Anna Wintour and David Bowie are clients) and Thom Filicia (Queer Eye) before starting Clear Home Design. Not unlike her human home decor, Hiddin’s products — which are made in the U.S. from BPA-free lucite — have a way of making small spaces look less cluttered."

Hiddin pet products originally made their debut on Clear Home Design, the one-stop shop for all things clear lucite in the home, from popular favorite styles of chairs and credenzas to custom-made tables and trays.

"Our favorite? Anyone who’s trained a puppy knows the eyesore that is a wood or metal baby gate, not to mention the damage it does to your walls. Hiddin’s zig-zag pet gates come in freestanding or wall-mounted versions that are both adjustable, lightweight, and sturdier than they appear. “Pet barriers, crates, and feeders can be great looking,” said Butler. “And pets certainly don’t need to be kept behind bars when they’re indoors.” Indeed. But perhaps more importantly, seeing your puppy perplexed by a seemingly magic invisible barrier is cute as hell."

Hundreds of pet parents agree - our zig zag pet gate is the perfect invisible pet gate for the modern home, making it our best selling item from the Hiddin lineup!

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