Where to Put a Dog Crate in the House

Where to Put a Dog Crate in the House

Dog crates are an ideal way to keep your pup content and secure during the day. Nonetheless, it could be challenging to locate suitable spaces in your home for a dog crate.

Many dog owners appreciate having a crate in their house for various reasons. It can help crate-train, prevent anxious chewing or pacing behavior, and provides your pup with a private place to go when you're away from home.
When deciding where to put a dog crate in your house, there are plenty of options that cater to your needs and the size of your home. This article will assist in selecting the ideal location for either your young puppy or adult dogs.

Living room

If the family spends a lot of time in the living room, this would be an ideal spot to put your dog's crate, as it allows them to see family members and feel included. This is especially beneficial for dogs as social animals that desire to feel part of the household.

Try not to place the crate next to air vents, near heat sources like fireplaces, or under windows. These could let direct sunlight into the crate and create discomfort for your pup.

Living areas are ideal if your puppy is energetic because it allows them to interact with family members and be part of any communal activities. But, if you have a more reserved pup, a quieter space for the dog crate may be better.


Putting your dog's crate in the bedroom during their first few days can be a great idea. They become familiar with their environment and learn how to be comfortable there. You can then gradually move their crate around every few nights into different parts of the house. Doing this makes it easier for them to relax, thus helping them avoid whining or crying and reducing separation anxiety when left alone at night.

For both young puppies and dogs, an ideal place for the dog's crate is a quiet corner of your bedroom or living room. Placing a cozy dog bed inside the pup's crate at night helps to create that safe space feeling for your pup.

Where to Put a Dog Crate in the House - Bedroom


The kitchen is usually a central and bustling area of the house, meaning your furry friend will have plenty of opportunities to socialize with the family while in the crate. This helps reduce separation anxiety and improves overall behavior.

The kitchen is typically a tiled or hardwood floor surface, which makes it easier to clean up any potential accidents that may occur in the crate. This is especially important during the crate training period when your dog is still learning to control their bladder and bowel movements.

Lastly, the kitchen is often a cooler area of the house, which can be beneficial for dogs, particularly during the summer months. Dogs are more susceptible to heat exhaustion during this period of the year. Placing a dog crate in the kitchen can be a great way to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friend while keeping them in a central location where they can still interact with the family.


The bathroom is often a smaller and more enclosed space in the house. This area of the house can provide a cozy and secure environment for a timid furry friend. This can be particularly beneficial to dogs with anxiety or ones easily overwhelmed by larger spaces or too much stimulation.

Placing the dog crate in the bathroom can make cleaning up after your pet much easier. Accidents can happen, especially during the house training process. Having the dog crate trained in the bathroom with tiles or waterproof floors means that any mess can be easily cleaned up without causing damage or leaving stains.

Additionally, the bathroom is usually located away from the main living areas, which can give your dog some privacy and a sense of their own space.

It is important to ensure that your dog is not left in the crate for extended periods and has access to fresh water and proper ventilation.

Where to Put a Dog Crate in the House - Bathroom

Laundry room

This is usually a quiet room and low-traffic area of the house, which can provide a sense of security and comfort for your pup. This can be especially important for dogs who are easily overstimulated or anxious in busy environments.

As with the kitchen and bathroom, placing your dog's crate in this room can make cleaning up after your pet much easier. Laundry rooms typically have floorings that are easy to clean, such as tiles or linoleum. Also, where your dog has a potty accident or gets dirty while playing outside, this room can be a convenient location for cleaning them up and keeping them contained until they are dry.

Lastly, the laundry room often has a sink, which can be used to fill up water bowls or clean food and water dishes.


A furnished basement can offer a spacious and secure environment for your dog’s crate. The open layout can provide ample space for your dog to move around and stretch their legs while still in a safe and secure area. Put your dog's crate here if your pup is tired or nervous in busy areas of the home.

A finished basement often has carpeting or other soft floorings, which can provide a comfortable space for your dog to rest and relax.

Check that the basement can provide an ideal temperature for your dog; cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can be especially important for dogs that are sensitive to temperature changes or who need extra insulation during harsh weather conditions.

Where to Put a Dog Crate in the House - Basement

Other important things to consider

  1. Another great location for your puppy's crate is a spare room or designated dog area. This could be an upstairs guest room, office, or game room where they can get away from all the activities.
  2. Avoid placing your puppy's crate in areas exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperatures. This can lead to serious discomfort and even heatstroke. Furthermore, keep the crate away from drafts or direct heat, such as near radiators or fireplaces, so it does not get burned or frozen.
  3. Keep the crate away from anything your puppy or dog might be tempted to pull in and chew, such as power cords or plants, as these are common choking hazards.

Dog crates are not always the most eye-catching furniture pieces and can be hard to conceal in small spaces like apartments or condos. ShopHiddin has stylish dog crates solutions and matching puppy feeders that look great in any room and thus make it easier to find a good location that both you and your pup are happy with. Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll guide you through finding the ideal crate for your pup!

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Crate placement is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your furry friend's overall well-being. Whether you opt for a cozy nook in the bedroom or a central spot in the living room, there are many factors to consider when choosing where to put a dog crate in the house.

Ultimately, the best place for your dog's crate will depend on their individual needs and preferences, as well as your lifestyle and home environment. No matter where you choose to place your dog crate, you can always make it warm and welcoming if you leave food, toys, blankets, or bedding to set it up nicely for your pup.

By taking the time to carefully consider your options and selecting a spot that works best for both you and your furry friend, you can help ensure that your dog is happy, healthy, and comfortable in their own space.