Architectural Digest Feature: Your Dog Deserves a Better Bowl

Architectural Digest Feature: Your Dog Deserves a Better Bowl

Both Architectural Digest and Hiddin know that your dog deserves a better bowl, and Hiddin has the perfect one for you. Our Clear Double Bowl Feeder with Gold Bowls was featured in Architectural Digest's recent article about how to upgrade your dog's feeder.

Hiddin Clear Acrylic Double Gold Bowl

"Proof that not all metal bowls are created equal, these gold bowls from Hiddin add some glitz to mealtime, without going over the top. The elevated dog bowls makes for a more ergonomic feeding station (and is particularly helpful for older dogs who can’t bend down as far)."

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Our gold bowl feeders, in small and large, are perfect for homes with gold or brass accents. If you resonate with everything luxe and Hollywood glam, you can't go wrong with gold. The gold bowl feeder would also blend beautifully with interior design incorporating warmer tones, like amber, orange, hunter green, camel, and brown.

Tall and Low Large Silver Bowl Clear Acrylic Waterfall Double Bowl Feeders

More contemporary homes looking for the minimalist look would likely find our smalllarge, and tall silver feeders best fitting in their space. Plus, our stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.