Dogster Feature: How to Set Up a Dog Room

Dogster Feature: How to Set Up a Dog Room

The dog room has become a popular way for dog owners to create a relaxing space for their pet, or as an alternative to kenneling when out of the house. From custom pet posters to a wardrobe to hang your dog’s clothes, the possibilities are endless and oh-so-cute!

If you are creating a special space to leave your dog while you’re out of the home, our Freestanding Pet Gate can be used to block off a room or space. It’s also stylish enough to be left out in the open while allowing offering your dog visibility to still feel involved.

Additional Hiddin pieces we think would be perfect to add to your dog’s special space are the Single Dog Bowl Feeder so they always have access to water, and our Rectangular Lucite Dog Bed so they can relax when you’re not there!

The Freestanding Pet Gate comes in 3 standard door widths, but we also offer a customizable option so you can fit the panel to any space you desire.

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