Randi Garrett Design Feature: Designer Pet Products for Your Home

Randi Garrett Design Feature: Designer Pet Products for Your Home

Randi Garrett, dog mom of 2, and owner of this beautiful home is an inspiration to us all! She understands the struggle of pet products sticking out like a sore thumb in the modern home, so in a recent blog she takes us through her gorgeous home design and shows us how she incorporated Hiddin products into her aesthetic. (Hint: It’s beautiful!)

The first is our Clear Dog Crate with brass detailing. “I was so excited to find Hiddin’s gorgeous acrylic and brass pet crate,” says Randi. “Instead of an ugly, black, eye sore, we now have a beautiful acrylic accessory in our room that Lucy loves.”


She also has our Clear Freestanding Zig Zag Pet Gate when she needs to keep her pets out of unwanted areas of her home. It essentially disappears into the home décor, providing total visibility and style.

Finally, she has our Glam Feeder with Gold Bowls as a compliment to her beautiful laundry room. Her pups dine in style in more ways than one!


It is so exciting for us to see our products used how they were intended. To not just be functional for your pet, but by completely elevating your space. We offer a wide range of high-quality acrylic pet products including the Clear Dog Crate, Glam Feeder with Gold Bowls, and Freestanding Zig Zag Pet Gate.

For more inspiration head on over to Randi’s blog for her full review.