Acrylic Dog Beds

Our pets are beloved members of the family, and they deserve the utmost comfort in the spaces where they play and sleep. But all too often, we have to compromise the style and decor of our homes to give them a safe and cozy place to rest! An acrylic dog bed fitted with a textured fluffy cushion will offer your fur baby the softest, most luxurious sleep in a cute berth that seamlessly blends into your contemporary decor. 

Offer Your Pets Luxury Sleep In Contemporary Style

It’s important to provide a clean and comfortable sleep in our own beds, and it should be a priority for our pets too. These stunning custom dog beds require no assembly and are super lightweight so that you can move them to the sunniest spots in the house with ease!

Could you imagine being able to choose pet accessories that make your home look even better than it already does? This clear dog bed is specially designed to enhance your living space by fusing effortlessly with the interior design of your home. With a subtle and classic acrylic dog bed stuffed with a comfy cushion, your pup can snooze in a classy set-up that will complement any color scheme and ornamentation.

Keeping your pet baskets clean has never been more simple. These modern pet beds are made from lucite, with a soft donut cushion interior that comes in a range of neutral colors. Lucite is easy to rinse with soap and water and will dry within just minutes. You can pop the cushion through the washing machine and leave it to dry in the sun to give the ultimate comfort and hygiene to your pets. 

These beautiful little beds are best suited to small breeds of dogs, and are perfect for big and small cats too! Your furry friend can now access a soft place to nap that guarantees hours of comfort away from their favorite spot on the couch

You don’t have to choose between luxury and style to keep your pets happy and looking great. Now you can get the best of both worlds with our cute plastic beds for dogs and cats. Show your pets how much you really care, and offer them the gift of comfort with an acrylic dog bed.