Clear Acrylic Dog Leash

The best part of the day just got more exciting. Give your pup an extra bounce in their step as they show off their stylish and contemporary clear dog leash. With a robust, translucent design, acrylic leashes allow the beauty of your dog to shine through without compromising on safety or functionality.

To complete the outfit, this modern dog leash comes with a matching collar so they can sparkle all day long. They are so dashing your cat may ask for one too!

Sheer Dog Leash for Modern Style

Keep your pup cool, fresh, and trendy during their favorite part of the day: walk time! A collar and matching dog leash is the most essential part of your dog’s wardrobe, and a great way to jazz your pup up for walks. Your dog’s beauty should be the star of the show, rather than their accessories, which is why a clear plastic dog leash enhances their cute features rather than overpowering them.

It doesn’t matter whether your pup is a loose-leash walker or a steam train puller. Acrylic is a heavy-duty material that will withstand the test of time – and some epic walks! Glossy metal accents reinforce the leash's "floating" look while adding a pop of shine.

Your dog’s comfort is of the utmost importance. The matching collar is constructed from a pliable lucite material to ensure ultimate comfort as they run and play in the park. All dog owners know that a snug and firm fit is the coziest and safeest way for a collar to be worn. A metal buckle accent allows the size to be adjustable so you can guarantee your pup is sporting their favorite get-up securely.

Plastic dog leashes are made from a polished non-yellowing, non-fogging material, so they will stay crisp and clear all year round. They are simple to wash and dry in fresh water to keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and hygienic.

It’s easy to personalize the dog leash by selecting metal accents of your choice, including classic black, sleek brass, or a fun shade of red or green! Keep your dog happy, safe, and looking great on their walks - and as they relax at home - with a gorgeous matching lucite leash and collar combination!