Acrylic Pet Stairs

Looking for a stylish way to help your pet get around? Check out our selection of acrylic dog stairs! They're durable and long-lasting so your curious pets can enjoy functionality and fun for years to come.

The clear design looks incredible in any home, and these modern dog stairs come fitted with non-skid treads to keep your pets safe and to protect the stairs from scratches. If you are tired of compromising between style and practicality then check out our collection of fabulous dog stairs today!

Acrylic Dog Steps for Hours of Amusement

We adore our pets and it comes as no surprise that they adore us. There’s no wonder they are always fluttering around trying to see what goes on in our world! Help to give them a step up with these stylish dog steps, so they can participate in life from higher ground.

We have a range of cat step blocks and dog steps to cater to the play needs of any furry friend. Acrylic cat blocks come in three sizes you can configure as you please so your little explorer can discover and access new spaces! Storage is simple and easy, as each block fits inside the other, so you don’t need to choose between beauty and play for your pet accessories anymore.

Our custom lucite dog stairs come in a set of modular boxes that you can arrange in ascending height to create stairs for your pup. Secure the set with the velcro included to protect your best friend from slips, and without risking any damage to your beautiful home.

What’s even better, is that you can place these strategically around the home to help your older pets in a practical way. Some animals become reluctant to make bigger jumps into the car or onto your lap as their joints age. These beautiful plastic dog steps and cat blocks are the perfect solution to help your dearly loved pet access their favorite spots around the house.

They are easy to maneuver around the house, and each block or stair comes fitted with non-skid treads to make them safe and chic for your pets. Help your pet get around, and open them to the world of fun play steps today! Your fur baby will love spending hours exploring them.