Huff Post Feature: 11 Dog Crates So Stylish, You’ll Be Excited to Display Them

Huff Post Feature: 11 Dog Crates So Stylish, You’ll Be Excited to Display Them
“One of the first things pet owners do when they get a new puppy is decide what kind of products they want to invest in for both their pup and home, as well as whether they will crate train them or not. Depending on your dog’s breed and your household’s needs, crating a dog could be beneficial. It helps to prevent accidents, keeps them safe while you’re out and about and gives them a cozy place to relax that is all their own. That said, design-wise, most standard dog crates leave little to be desired- that’s why it’s downright thrilling when something as simple as a dog crate is aesthetically pleasing.”
At Hiddin, we couldn’t agree more! Pet products don’t need to be unattractive in order to be functional. That’s why we re-imaged some of the most useful, necessity pet products in a more sophisticated, modern way to better incorporate into any home’s décor. We want our customers and their pets to love our products for its quality, functionality and purpose, but also for its beautiful style. Our product line includes all the essentials any dog and cat parent may need from feeders, beds, pet gates and more. 
Hiddin medium crate
And Huff Post agrees, our pet crate is not only a safe place for your pet to rest, but a chic statement piece that you’ll be proud to show off in your home! 
“True to the brand’s name, it’s an ultra-modern take on the classic crate, and perfect for those who want to preserve a very specific interior design vibe.”
Our thanks to the Huff Post and their writer for including us in this great story!
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