1, 2, Or In Each Room: How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

1, 2, Or In Each Room: How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

The question of how many dog beds should a dog have does not have one answer that fits all, as all dogs are different. However, having multiple dog beds in some circumstances is necessary.

For example, if your dog loves to follow you around the house, they might need a bed in each room. And, of course, they should always have access to their own personal sanctuary. This will make your furry friend happy and content while ensuring their space is respected.

A comfy new bed can provide many benefits for your dog. For example, it could be helpful for a young pup who is still learning some manners, or for repositioning your dog's bed to make it more accessible. Many folks might move their dog's bed from room to room, but this can only confuse the poor pup. To avoid inconvenience for both you and your furry friend, consider investing in an additional cozy resting spot for your dog.

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Why Should Your Dog Have His Own Bed

The advantages of giving your dog the ideal bed are numerous and diverse, but being aware of them may greatly aid in choosing the perfect one. Dogs will need to find another spot to sleep if they don't have a bed just for them.

They'll probably try to use your furniture as a bed if they don't have access to a soft surface instead. A couch would be an acceptable substitute if there isn't a dog bed in sight. Also, they might start sleeping in your bed. They have fewer alternatives if you are against them climbing onto the furniture and you have correctly educated them not to do so.

getting an extra dog bed for your dog is usually a great way to make your dog more comfortable

Your dog will probably end up sleeping on the floor if they don't have a bed to themselves and they're not allowed on the furniture. As you can imagine, the floor is not the most pleasant place to sleep. Sleeping on a hard surface like hardwood floors might cause some health problems for your dog 

Sleeping on the floor might cause significant damage to a dog's bones and joints. Arthritis could be a serious problem leading to discomfort and agony, especially as your dog ages. Resting on the ground might make this ache worse. This is why it is important for your dog to have a soft and comfortable dog bed for himself.

Do I Need to Buy My Dog Another Bed?

To ensure your furry friend enjoys maximum comfort, it is recommended to invest in multiple beds if they sometimes sleep outside of their designated area. For example, having an extra bed in a different room would be a wise option if your dog's current bed is located in a bedroom that's occasionally closed for privacy.

Your dog will appreciate having an additional bed to unwind in. It's crucial that they always have access to a bed, since it serves as their refuge when they're anxious or exhausted.

most pet parents have two dog beds for their fur babies

Although there is a widespread belief that a single dog bed is sufficient, the topic appears to divide the public. Providing easy access at all times is one compelling reason to have a second one, but there are other significant factors to consider. In this article, we will explore the benefits of owning multiple dog beds in more detail.

If your dog can't get onto the bed at times, you should acquire another one, like the clear dog bed by Shop Hiddin. Having two beds is important since your dog has to have the choice between being with the family and being alone. Every dog needs a secure location all the time, even on cleaning day.

Why You Should Have Multiple Dog Beds

There are many benefits to having multiple dog beds around the house. 

Traveling with Your Dog

A specialized travel dog bed is usually a "nice to have" extra item for road trips or holidays, so they have a specific place to sleep wherever you go. Additionally, your pet will value having a cozy spot to lie down or relax in the car.

having enough safe space helps your dog to have better sleeping habits which contribute to your dog's happiness

You Spend a Lot of Time in Different Areas of Your House.

Does your dog follow you around the house to sleep in the same room that you are in? Dog owners who reside in houses or apartments with many rooms sometimes have separate dog beds on different floors of the building. It makes sense to place a dog bed in more than one room if you have a Velcro dog. That way, you aren't constantly moving the bed from one area of the house to another.

This doesn't mean you should buy a dog bed for every room though. They don't require a bed in every room, just in their favorite spots where they spend most of their time. It's crucial to allocate a peaceful and soothing area for your fur baby to rest, especially when you are working in your home office, unwinding in your living room, or sleeping in your bedroom.

You Are Trying to Kennel Train Your Dog

Your dog will need a cozy bed that fits inside the crate if you are trying to crate-train them or use one. For instance, a doughnut or spherical dog bed works well in a family room or workspace, but is not best for dog kennels.

The ideal dog bed for a dog kennel or crate is square in shape, thick yet flat enough to leave enough room for your dog to walk around without feeling cramped. Check out the rectangular dog bed from Shop Hiddin with handles to help you move it easier! 

Finding the perfect bed for your dog is easy with the Shop Hiddin

Your Dog isn't Allowed on the Furniture

You'll want a couple of dog beds in your home if you don't allow pets on the furniture. Comfy dog beds will keep them from wanting to go on furniture. Your dog will find it much easier to resist the urge to get up on the sofa if they have their own assigned location and have mastered the "place" command.

Benefits of Having Multiple Beds for Your Dog

Your Dog Has Access to it All The Time

As was already indicated, the main reason for acquiring another dog bed is to provide your pet with ongoing access to his secure haven. This is important because sometimes the beds might be not available if the door to the room is closed when he wants to rest or sleep, or the bed is put away during cleaning. In situations like these, your dog will either not know where to go for a nap or will choose an unsuitable place, like your bed or the sofa. 

His Sanctuary

Just like wanting to be with you, your dog will sometimes want solitude. Especially if you have family members or guests visiting, your pup might want to retreat to his alternative safe spot to avoid the noise and crowd. 

Your dog's behavior can change dramatically if he's not getting quality sleep

Cleaning Day

When it’s time to give your dog’s bed a good cleaning, it’d be nice to have another bed as an alternative. Your dog might want to nap while you’re busy with your chores.

Beds For Your Dogs Will Last Longer

Owning two or more dog beds will increase their lifespan since they will experience less wear and tear. For instance, if your dog generally sleeps on his bed for 10 to 15 hours, spreading his sleep time between the two beds can cut that time in half.

Your Dog Enjoys Being Wherever You Are

You might have observed that your dog prefers to lie on the floor or next to you on the sofa no matter which room you are in, despite having a perfectly fine dog bed in the other room. Dogs are extremely sociable creatures, and they feel more secure and at ease when they are with their human.

So How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

Now that you know why it's a good idea to have more than one dog bed, the next issue is how many you should have. The answer to this, however, relies on a variety of circumstances.

You should start by counting the number of rooms in your home. Next, consider which rooms you use the most frequently. You might want to put a dog bed in each of the two rooms where you spend most of your time. This would be the best way to determine how many dog beds you should have in the house.  

Consider keeping a dog bed in each of the following places:

  • The dining room
  • The bedroom
  • The living room

According to this example, you should have at least three dog beds. This might sound like a lot of money, but the advantages will outweigh the overall expenses. Also, the number will change depending on your residence. 

you can choose to place dog beds in multiple rooms in your house

You should make an effort to offer your furry friend as much care as you can as a good pet owner. When your dog is young and energetic, it won't require much to be content. However, as they age, you and the rest of the family will need to provide them with more care and attention. Your dog will live a long life in excellent health if you give them proper care starting on day one. So, for the dog's maximum comfort, go ahead and get more than one puppy bed.

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The number of dog beds a dog requires is dependent on individual circumstances, such as living conditions and personal preferences. Most dogs have at least one bed, while some have none. 

Some may think that their dog is comfortable on the floor but consider what type of flooring you have. Hardwood floors can be uncomfortable for your furry little pal to lounge on, especially during the chilly winter season. Add some carpets and rugs to avoid making your pup feel cold and uncomfortable.

you can use a removable cover for the dog beds for easier cleaning

While the floor may seem like a comfortable spot, having multiple dog beds in your home is the optimal choice. Maintaining the cleanliness of the bedding is also crucial. When you own several beds, it's important to keep each one tidied up and sanitized regularly. Washing them at least twice a month will do the trick. Remember, taking good care of your faithful friend also means taking care of their sleeping arrangements.

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